Music for All Occasions

Wedding Banquets, Corporate Functions and More

Roger Barbour Music plays music for every occasion in Pittsburgh, PA, bringing back nostalgic tunes that evoke love and happiness.

Our Difference

  • We Are Dependable Under Contract
  • We Take Pride in Making Your Event the Best Ever
  • We’ve Had Many Years of Experience Playing for Events of All Types

About Roger Barbour

Roger Barbour is the leader of the "Roger Barbour Jazz Quartet" and has been a professional musician for over 50 years. He has played at venues all over the world. In fact, you can find Roger Barbour at most jazz venues in the Pittsburgh area.


  • Inducted into the Pittsburgh Jazz Hall of Fame as a Trumpet Player
  • Played in Paris, France, Las Vegas, and Other Cities Around the Country


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Upcoming Events


  • Saturday, Oct. 17th – Duquesne Club (Private Engagement)
  • Thursday, Oct. 22nd – Farmers Market-Beechview, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Public)
  • Friday, Nov. 20th – Highmark Bldg., 120 Fifth Ave., 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM (Public)
  • Friday, Nov. 27th – Highmark Bldg., 120 Fifth Ave., 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Public)                                                                              Friday,  Dec.  4th -  Gateway Clipper S - 6pm -8pm ( Public)
  • Saturday, Dec. 5th - Village Tavern,  West End Pgh,  8pm - 11pm     ( Public )                                         
  • Saturday,  Dec   12th - Village Tavern . West End Pgh,  8pm till 11pm ( Public)
  • Monday    Dec.  14th - Highmark Bldg, 120 Fifth Ave, 12:00 pm till 2pm( Public)                                                                                Thursday Dec.  17th - Duquesne Club.  (Private)                                                                                                                                   Friday Dec.       18th - Gateway Clipper.   6pm till 8pm  (Public)                                                                                                          Thursday Dec    31st - Village Tavern and Trattoria.  West End Pgh    9pm till 12:30am (Public)                                          Saturday  Jan.   9th  - Lemont  Restaurant  Mt.  Washington ( Private)                                                                                                 Saturday    Jan.  16th   - Rosalie's Southern Comfort Restaurant - New Brighton Pa - 6pm -9pm (Public)                                      Wednesday Jan 27th - Culture Restaurant - 130 Seventh St., Pgh Pa   7pm till 10pm (Public)                                                          Friday February 5th - Grace Memorial Church - Jazz night - Brynmawr St- 5:30pm yill 8pm (Public)                                                
  • Saturday February 13th - Village Tavern - West End Pa - 7:30pm till 10:30pm (Public)                                                          Fri February 26th - St Rosalia's Academy - Greenfield Pa - 4:30pm till 7:30 ( Public)                                                                   Wednesday March 9th - Culture Restaurant & lounge - 130 7th St. Pgh - 7pm till 10pm ( Public)                                                          Saturday March 19th - Gateway Clipper - 6pm till 9pm - (Public)                                                                                             Wednesday March 23rd - Culture Restaurant and lounge - 130 seventh street pgh Pa - 7pm  till 10pm (Public)                    Monday March 28th - BEP  Jazz marathon - Wyndham Hotel - Oakland - 5pm till 11 (Public)                                                         Saturday April 16th - Cioppino's Restaurant - strip District - 7pm till 11pm Public)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Saturday April 30th -  Cioppino's Restaurant - Strip District - 7pm till 11pm ( Public)                                                                              Friday  May 13th  -   Wedding ( Private)                                                                                                                                                Saturday May 21st - Cioppino's Restaurant - Strip District - 7pm till 11pm ( Public)                                                             Wednesday June 1st - Culture Restaurant and Lounge - 130 Seventh St Pgh - 8pm till 11pm ( public)                                   Saturday June 4th - Citi-Parks performance - Erin St - Hill District - 1pm - 3pm (Public)                                                      Sunday June 5th - Culture Restaurant and Lounge - 130 Seventh Street Pgh, Pa - 6pm till 8pm (public)                              Saturday June 11th - Manchester Craftsman Guild - (Private)                                                                                                         Saturday June 18th -  Bethel Park Community center- 2pm (public)                                                                                               Saturday  June 18th - Cioppino's Restaurant - Strip District - 7pm till 11pm  (Public)                                                                       Saturday  July   2nd - Los Angeles California                                                                                                                                     Saturday   July   9th - Cioppino's Restaurant - Strip District - 7pm till 11pm  (Public)                                                             Thursday July 14th - Ace Hotel - East Liberty - Private                                                                                                            Thursday July 21st - Hotel Indigo - East liberty - 6pm - 8pm ( Public)                                                                                     Saturday July 30th - Atlanta  Georgia                                                                                                                                         Friday  August 19th - Southside summer Concert - 6pm till 8pm ( Public)                                                                               Saturday August 20th - Gateway Clipper  6pm till 9pm                                                                                                                           Saturday Sept  10th - Gateway Clipper                                                                                                                                    Monday Sept 12th - Steubenville Ohio (Private)                                                                                                                     Thursday Sept 17th - Gateway Clipper - 6pm till 9pm                                                                                                                Saturday Sept 24th - Cioppino's Restaurant - Strip District - 7pm till 11pm (public)                                                                                Saturday October 8th - Cioppino's Restaurant - Strip District - 7pm till 11pm (Public)                                                                           Wednesday October 19th - Walnut Grill - Robinson location - 6pm till 9pm (Public)                                                                              Friday November  18th - Fifth Ave Place - Light-up Night - 4:30pm till 6:30pm(Public)                                                                       Friday November  25th - Fifth Ave Place - 12pm till 2pm ( Public)                                                                                                 Monday December  19th - fifth ave Place - 12pm till 2pm (Public)                                                                                                      Thursday December  22nd - Hotel indigo - East Liberty- 6pm till 8pm (Public)